Shiloh Church previously celebrated 55 years! We can’t help but glorify the Lord for His goodness, faithfulness, loving-kindness and mercy.  He deserves all the praise.  Lord, be glorified in our CHURCH, in our LIVES, in our FAMILIES and in the NATIONS! To learn more about Shiloh’s History, Please watch the video below.



Pastors Javier and Melinda Ramos have served on the Shiloh Church pastoral team for two decades and were appointed Senior Pastors in 2015 during Shiloh Church’s 50th Anniversary jubilee celebration. Prior to their current role they served as Shiloh Children’s Pastors before taking over Iglesia Shiloh. In each season of ministry they have placed a strong emphasis on reaching out to the local community and have ministered to thousands of families in the inner city and nearby region. Melinda is the granddaughter of founding pastor Dr. Violet Kiteley and the daughter of Pastors David and Marilyn Kiteley. Javier and Melinda are both lifetime residents of Oakland and have a heart to help meet the practical and spiritual needs of Oakland residents and the Greater Bay Area. They have been married for 20 years and have two children, Joshua and Cristiana.